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Detail Narrative Description of Project
This is a turnkey project between under Malayan Railways awarded to DRB-Hicom and consists of double tracking from Rawang to Ipoh. Our company involved in the stretch between Bidor and Ipoh. In addition to the main scope of upgrading the existing track to high speed double tracking with electrification and associated works our company's involvement is upgrading the existing road crossings.The scope consists upgrading of 67 km of existing railway track to Electrified Double Track including 6 yards, platforms and stations.  

Detail Description of Actual Services
The scope also includes construction of 12 bridges over rivers and 15 road bridges over railway totaling 2.1 km, 12 km of main roads, 8 km of service roads, 6 stations & associated infrastructures and provision of 8 motorcycle bridges & 5 vehicular box culverts. The total construction cost of the project from Bidor to Ipoh is USD 237 million.

Engineering Consultancy:Detailed engineering design of road and railway bridges

Project Completion

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