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Detail Narrative Description of Project
The objectives of the traffic and transportation sector study are mainly to identify problems and deficiencies of the existing road transport facilities including public transport and recommend improvements to the transportation system and road network according to the overall development within the Study area.

Detail Description of Actual Services
The scope of work include:

  • The study of the regional traffic and transportation system in respect of its hierarchy and capacity, traffic movements, volume and composition of traffic and supply and demand of parking spaces;
  • The study of supply and demand of public transport  which includes bus, railway and taxi;
  • Study the traffic condition and circulation at preservation areas in the town centers and propose the traffic management schemes for improvements.
  • Assessment of Subang Airport on its effects as traffic generator and attractor;
  • Assess the effects of Light Rail Transit (LRT), Aerobus and Klang Valley Expressway; and
  • Identify short-term proposals.  
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