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Detail Narrative Description of Project
The reclamation of 80 hectare low-lying coastal swamps at Tanjung Bin, Johor up to a final platform of 4m MSLD is for a proposed 3X700 MW Coal Fired Power Plant. Prevailing soil conditions comprise 25m-30m thick very soft to soft Holocene marine and estuarine clays. The USD 41 million turnkey contract is subject to defined performance objectives specific for each designated area such as within the Power Island, Coal Storage Yard, switchyard, etc.  A very tight works schedule of less than 22 months were imposed from date of contract award to complete hand-over of reclaimed & improved project site to Owner.

Detail Description of Actual Services
Minconsult was engaged by turnkey contractor as the detailed engineering designer for the project. This includes preparation of TOR for site investigation works on and off-shore including full-time supervision of field works. A geotechnical assessment of project site was carried out including detailed evaluation of subsoil engineering parameters to be adopted for design. Detailed engineering designs were carried out using sophisticated finite element computer codes to ensure safe and optimum design meeting the specified performance requirement and within the tight time schedule. Construction works includes staged hydraulic filling in excess of 15 metres thick sand and installation of over 20 million metres of pre-fabricated vertical drains. The sequence/stages of pre-loading and removal of surcharge were carefully controlled to achieve the desired results. Monitored results of extensive instrumentations were reviewed by a team of experienced geotechnical engineers working closely with the Contractor to ensure that the slopes are stable at all times and that the required consolidation settlement and specified performance criteria are achieved within the stipulated time period.

Construction Cost
RM 2.1 Million

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