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Detail Narrative Description of Project
Project involved detailed engineering design of foundations for 41 storage tanks at a Centralised Tankage Facility(CTF) in Kertih. The total product storage capacity is 400,000 cu.m with an annual throughput of 3 million tonnes. Proposed foundation includes sand pads and concrete ring walls on improved ground by Dynamic Compaction method and deep foundations using pre-stressed spun concrete piles. In view of the close proximity of some tanks, special consideration had to be taken on settlement interaction between individual tanks.  

Detail Description of Actual Services
Minconsult was engaged as detailed engineering designer for the foundations of storage tanks within a 48 acre project site. The scope of works includes preparation of TOR for site investigation works, floating of tender and supervision of field works. A geotechnical assessment of project site was carried out including detailed evaluation of subsoil engineering parameters to be adopted for design.

Considering the variation of subsoil conditions and the different product tanks with diameter and height ranging from 6m-48m and 8m-25m respectively, various techno-economic foundation options have to be reviewed. Of particular note is the dynamic compaction works carried out to improve the subsoil to support most of the tanks on sand pad or ring-wall foundations. Elevated foundations were designed for 2 nos. 25,000 MT cryogenic ammonia tanks (48m dia., 25m height) and deep foundations for 25m diameter VCM spherical tanks. Minconsult's scope of works includes supervision of construction works, testing and settlement monitoring of the tank foundations. The entire CTF was successfully completed and operational since Oct 2001.

Project Completion
May 1999
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