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Projek Lebuhraya Utara -Selatan (PLUS)

Detail Narrative Description of Project
2B+10C Damansara - Sg. Buloh
10B Sg. Buloh - Rawang
10A2 Rawang - Sg. Chow
10A1 Sg. Chow - Tg. Malim

Detail Description of Actual Services

  • Geological assessment of project sites and its vicinity.
  • Geotechnical investigation - planning, execution and interpretation of subsoil data.
  • Design of embankment on soft ground.
    - Geotextiles, Removal / replacement of soft ground
    - Stage loading Counter weight berms                                                
  • Design of cuts in soil and rock based on geological assessment and subsoil data.
  • Rock slope protection works in highly weathered, weathered and jointed granitic rocks.
    - Netting ,Guniting , Fencing, Concrete buttress
    - Rock dowels, anchors, bolts.
  • Design of foundation for bridges.
    - Spread footing , Bored cast-in-situ piles
    - Driven steel bearing piles, Integrity tests on bored piles.
  • Design of foundation for culverts.
    - Removal and replacement of soil
    - Bakau piles
  • Retaining walls.
    - Crib wall, Reinforced earth wall
    - Anchor wall,R.C. wall
  • Miscellaneous
    -  Erosion protection of soil slopes with Terramat and Hydro Seeding.
    -  Soil nailing for slope protection.
    -  Installation of horizontal drains on slopes.

Project Completion

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