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Detail Description of Actual Services

  • Geological assessment of project site and its vicinity.
  • Geotechnical investigation - planning, execution and   interpretation of subsoil data.
  • Design of foundation for:
    -  Storage tanks - 20m diameter and 14m high
    -  Sand pad foundation
    -  Pile foundations
    -  Vessels up to 74m in height
    -  Reactor building
    -  Air fin cooler and other equipment like compressors
    -  Pipe sleepers
  • Subsoil improvement for:
    -  Infrastructural works such as road, dam, etc.
    -  Movement of heavy cranes.
  • Pile foundations:
    -  300mm x 400mm and 500mm diameter prestressed Spun piles for heavy structure
    150mm x 150mm precast concrete and Tanalized timber piles for lighter structures

Construction Cost
RM 500 Million

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