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Kertih Port Sdn. Bhd

Detail Narrative Description of Project
Marine Facilities Expansion Works for Export Terminal of Petrochemical Product to serve new Petrochemical Industries at Kertih.

Detail Description of Actual Services
As Project Management and Basic Engineering Consultant providing the following services        

  • planning port layout and coastal works
  • preliminary engineering of
  • 4 million cubic metres of Dredging
  • Reclamation
  • Groynes
  • Beach Protection
  • 3 Nos. 10,000 DWT  vessel jetty
  • 1 No. 40,000 DWT  vessel jetty
  • Barge Jetty
  • Project Management.
  • Project Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Management

Construction Cost
7.0 Million 

Project Completion
End 2000

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