Back | Emergency Infrastructure Rehabilitation And Reconstruction Project. Rehabilitation Of Road From Balkh Via Sherberghen To Andkhoy, Afghanistan

Ministry of Public Works Afghanistan

Detail Narrative Description of Project
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Road and bridges from Balkh via Sherberghen to Andkhoy, Afghanistan. The project road is about 110 km Mazar Sharif - Sheberghen road section and the 48km section of the Sheberghen - Andkhoy road (72 km) are largely deteriorated and require major pavement strengthening. The remaining 24 km section of Sherbeghen – Andkhoy road requires embankment rehabilitation and construction of asphalt pavement.

Detail Description of Actual Services
Consulting and project management including review of schedule, methods and procedures for detail engineering design and construction drawings, inspect and approve all material sources identified by contractor. Advise and assist the employer with respect to contract, arbitration or litigation relating the works.
Monitor and inspect the contractor's quality control and assurance programme to ensure that quality of the finished works meet the contract standards and specifications.

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