Environmental-related projects can be found in the Company's portfolio from as far back as the 1970s, before the Malaysian Environmental Quality Act of 1974 was even gazetted. A pioneering local consultant for environmental engineering, Minconsult has done the Sewerage and Key National Master Plan; the first solid waste transfer station; the first sanitized land fill closure; the first Hill Resort Road Project and over 90 EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) studies.

The large numbers of environmental projects that Minconsult found itself involved with eventuated in the necessary formation of the Environmental Division. And, through the years, the department has acquired invaluable experience from its work on projects ranging from agricultural developments, chemical plants, urban and township developments, and marine port facilities to power plant facilities, mines and quarries, and land reclamation and dredging works.

The pioneer for renewable energy and solar energy projects in the region, the Environmental Division also consulted on the first solid waste transfer station and the first sanitized landfill closure in Malaysia.

Environmental Division's Portfolio

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