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Detail Narrative Description of Project
The proposed Port site is located within one part of the Government's Samalaju Industrial Area which is approximately 6,000 ha or 15,240 acres in size facing the South China Sea. The site is located on logged over secondary forest and oil palm plantations (OPP) between Tg. Borgam and Tg. Similajau.

The Master Plan for Samalaju Industrial Park prepared by the Ministry of Planning and Resources Management has identified the coastal frontage of Wiser Bay area between Tg. Similajau and Sg. Selungun in the vicinity of the proposed aluminium smelter and poly-silicon plants, as a Port area.

Detail Description of Actual Services
The study included:

  • Carry out Geomorphological investigation and prepare a Geomorphological report.
  • Provide geotechnical engineering support to develop design concept for jetty and lanside port infrastructure.
  • Provide necessary subsoil parameters required for MINSAR to carry out further design of the jetty and Admin building.
  • To carry out preliminary geotechnical assessment, including slope stability analysis for the foundation of breakwater.
  • Prepared concept design for electrical power supply system, telecommunication system, fire fighting system, internal water supply system and Mechanical & Electrical building services
  • Provide engineering support to develop concept layout for jetty and port structure including review of report by a port management expert.

Construction Cost
7.0 Million 

Project Completion

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