Employer Of Choice

Minconsult has a long history of investing in our employees, who currently number at around 500. Our preference is for people who work on life instead of just working on living. We strongly encourage a healthy work-life balance because we believe that the success and vitality of the Company comes from our people.

At Minconsult, we believe in the holistic development of an individual because the ultimate measure of a company's success is how far we go together as a community. We invest in individuals, not assets. This is why we also believe in not giving up on any of our employees, practising a high staff retention rate, and proactively working towards helping the individual to realise his or her fullest potential and nurturing them to their highest abilities.

We recognise the importance of our employees and believe that our staff is the backbone of the company. They are not just highly valued staff, but members of a family united by our vision and mission. We embrace the reality that we, as a Company, have grown mainly because of our employees. As they develop and go on to bigger successes, so does the Company.

As Minconsult continues to face new challenges and expand into new technologies and new frontiers, our foremost focus remains, as always, on that one single element that has proven to be both powerful and pivotal in our history of triumphs and victories – our people.

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