Iconic Projects And Awards

Historic, enduring, innovative, artistic, the first of its kind; icons stand out because of extraordinary factors such as a ground-breaking design, innovative use of technology, or a feat that sets new standards in its field. They transcend their original purpose to become an indelible part of the landscape, a singular point in mainstream consciousness, a defining moment in time, or a standard or benchmark that continues to inspire even after it is surpassed.

Minconsult's wide range of consultancy services are a testament to the comprehensive nature and capabilities of the Company's engineering focus and experience. But, our true strength lies not only in the breadth of our engineering knowledge, but also in our depth of knowledge. Our considerable work experience from a variety of projects in an array of roles has been instrumental in honing our engineering acumen, enabling us to take challenges and turn them into opportunities and victories.

Minconsult is proud to lay claim to several iconic projects within our considerable portfolio of works in fields ranging from structure and transportation to infrastructure. In recognition of our efforts and achievements, Minconsult has also been honoured with singular awards such as the Award for Industry Excellence in Exports (Services) in 2003, and the Award for Excellence in Export (Services), in 2009, from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia.

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