Strategic Planning

Much of Minconsult's reputation comes from its behind-the-scenes work as a thinker and strategist for nation building and as a master planner. The Company portfolio ranges from transportation, road network and airport studies to town planning and environment sustainability blueprints.

Where others may simply execute, Minconsult studies, audits, reviews, discusses, verifies and, most importantly, strategizes effectively to provide consultancy services that address the client's needs and requirements. From concept and design to legal and financial, as well as the various advantages and drawbacks, Minconsult provides solutions that will stand the test of time.

Minconsult has worked with government bodies, agencies, conglomerates and organisations both locally and internationally. What makes Minconsult stand out as a strategic planner is its ability to recognise what should be done.  Minconsult's work has been a key building block in the strategic planning of the nation.

Minconsult has undertaken strategic planning challenges that have exhibited its breadth of knowledge and skill as a respected industry expert both locally and internationally. These include the Malaysia National Airport System Plan (1981), KTM National Bridge Maintenance Study (1993), National Solid Waste Master Plan (1995), National Sewerage Development Plan (1999), National Axle Load Study for Peninsular Malaysia, National Water Guidelines for the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) and National Transport Policy and Strategy Study (2002). In the international arena, Minconsult has also distinguished itself with projects such as the Afghanistan Master Plan for Road Network Improvement Project (Feasibility Study Component) in 2005, and the Infrastructure Development-Public-Private Initiative for National Highway Development in Pakistan in 2009.

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