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Kertih Port is the 3rd largest in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia after Kuantan Port & Kemaman Port. All these three (3) ports serve O&G activities.
Kertih Port - Major O&G port in the region & 2nd major port in Asia
The project consists of 4 Jetties (53m x 24.5m) to handle Petrochemical, Gaseous products, Ammonia etc, hazardous materials with all facilities such as Berthing dolphins, Mooring dolphins, fendering system, access bridges, approach bridges, Coastal protection works etc.approximately 4 million cubic meters of dredging works, Groyenes, Pipeline protection works, Onshore Administration Building, Access Road, Coastal Access Road etc. 
Description of Actual Services Provided by Minconsult Sdn. Bhd.: 

The berth B1b added to the north side of the jetty to cater for ships 10,000/20,000 DWT carrying VCM and ammonia cargoes. Berth B2a and B2b created from the existing berth B2 to handle ships 10,000 DWT with acetic acid, VCM and aromatic (benzene, paraxylene and other heavy aromatic compounds) cargoes. Whereas berth B3b added on the south side of the main trestle to handle large ships up to 40,000 DWT. 

Pre Construction Stage: Providing all aspect of technical and project management services inclusive of Environmental Management. Preparation of Project Layout, Preliminary Structural design, tender document, and conceptual design drawings, cost estimation, tender evaluation and award. Construction Stage and Post Construction Stage: Responsible for the overall construction supervision of the project and also providing advisory services during maintenance period.
Scope of services (Geotechnical) includes the following:

  • Planning of on and offshore geotechnical investigation works including full-time standing supervision.
  • Geotechnical assessment of project site and review of borrow sources for supply of primary and secondary armour rocks.
  • Evaluation of subsoil data for engineering design parameters to be adopted.
  • Preliminary design of 1.4km long breakwater.
  • Detailed engineering design of foundations for jetties and groynes.
  • Beach nourishment and shore protection works using interlocking concrete slabs over geotextile filter was also undertaken.

Design of breakwater involving the use of high strength geotextile and sacrificial berms was adopted. The behaviour of proposed break-water was modelled using a finite element software (PLAXIS) in addition to the conventional stability analysis using Bishop/Janbu method. Design of foundation for jetties involved the adoption of 700 mm diameter steel pipe piles socketed into highly weathered granites. Pile load tests were carried out over 7m to 10m of sea water to verify he designed parameters and to ensure that the specified performance criteria are met.

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