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Local Government Department, Ministry of Housing and Local Government. 

Detail Narrative Description of Project

Minconsult Sdn Bhd, in association with Yachiyo Engineering Co. of Japan, was appointed as the Project Management Consultants for this "design-and-build" project. The project entails the design and construction of a solid waste transfer station within a 5.2 hectare site at Taman Beringin in the northern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur which would be capable of handling 1,700 tonnes of municipal wastes per day (or 270 tonnes per hour, at peak time) originating from the city. The station is to serve as a central facility for compacting and transferring the waste into specially-built container trucks for transportation to its final disposal site at a designated Sanitary Landfill. The Transfer Station comprises the Transfer Building, Administration Building, Weighbrides, Fuel Station, Guard House, Leachate Treatment Plant and all associated M&E Equipment.  

Detail Description of Actual Services
Provision of Project management services during the preparatory, tender and implementation stages of the turnkey contract. Vetting of Contractor's design of facility. Advising the client on technical issues. Provision of construction supervision during the implementation stage. Ensuring that Contractor fulfills all contractual and quality assurance requirements. Certifying all progess payments prepared in accordance with the Contract.

Construction Cost
RM 168 Million

Project Completion

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