Pioneering Spirit

With its origins dating back to 1962, Minconsult Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneering indigenous engineering consultancy firms in Malaysia. It went on to become the first Malaysian engineering consultancy company to go overseas most recently to Australia; the first Malaysia engineering consultancy to be awarded major international consultancy projects by International Funding Agencis, and the first engineering consultancy firm in Malaysia to implement an Integrity Policy, through a Memorandum of Collaboration with Transparency International Malaysia, that provides strict ethical principles and guidelines in our professional services and interactions.

The Company has introduced new technologies and methods that has become the norm today, such as pre-stressed spun piles, prefabricated vertical drains and Airborne Laser Surveying Techniques (LiDAR). This heritage of innovation continues today with introduction of technologies like its innovative design and survey technology for the upgrading of transmission lines in North and South America and the first large-scale BIPV Solar Panel Renewable Energy.

Minconsult has undertaken over 1,000 projects including over 80 international projects in over 24 countries and has an illustrious record with historic firsts such as Malaysia's first and longest road tunnel (Karak Highway); the first large breakwater in Malaysia (Kertih Port); the first underwater transmission sea line (Labuan); the first automated mail processing centre (Pos Malaysia Berhad); and the first and only Wetlands-Based Natural Water Filtration System (Putrajaya).

This home-grown company has made Malaysian based talent and knowledge a global contender in its field, and it continues to redefine excellence and achievement.

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