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Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) or Land Public Transport Commission

Detail Narrative Description of Project
The RTS Link Project is a joint development between the Malaysia and Singapore Governments represented respectively by SPAD and the Land Transport Authority (LTA). The Project is to establish a shuttle link system across the Straits of Johor linking a station in the vicinity of JB Sentral in Johor Bahru to a station in the vicinity of Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands, Singapore. The RTS Link is to be a convenient and cost effective system that is well integrated with transport services in both countries. The RTS link will have a co-located CIQ Facility in Woodlands, Singapore and Johor Bahru sothat commuters need to clear immigration only once from either side.
Both LTA and SPAD intend to appoint an Architectural and Engineering (A/E) Consultant to undertake the Feasibility Study (Phase 1) and subsequent Detailed Design (Phase 2) for the RTS Link Project.

Detail Description of Actual Services
The Contract is for the provision of Technical Advisory (TA) Services to SPAD in Technical Evaluation of A/E Consultants' bids as follows:

Stage up to Close of Tender

  • Review tender documents, assist in issuance of Addenda if any.
  • Review and assist in providing clarifications to Tenderers' queries.

Tender Evaluation Stage (Tender Close – Tender Award)

  • Review Tenderers' submissions, assist in Tender Interviews and seeking clarifications from Tenderers.
  • Assist in performing evaluation of Tenderers' Technical Proposals.
  • Assist in finalizing Technical Evaluation scores between SPAD and LTA.

Construction Cost
RM 19.5 Million

Project Completion

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