With the Structures Division, Minconsult has undertaken projects from award-winning environmental bungalows to high-rise buildings over 60 storeys tall, as well as extraordinary projects such as Mid Valley City, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Financial Park Labuan and the National Sports Complex in Malaysia. 

In 2012, the Company achieved a historic milestone with the Ganendra Art Gallery. Lauded as a purpose-built, unique green space, and featuring an innovative natural ventilating down shaft system, the Art House became the second project to receive a final certification from the Green Building Index under the Residential New Construction (RNC) category, and the sixth project to receive the certification from the Malaysian Green Building Index.

Minconsult also won the Silver Award of Merit from ACEM for the A-380 Hangar/Workshop Facilities at the MAS Complex at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for the world's largest column-free hangar steel structure.

In addition, Minconsult carried out the conceptual structural design of the 60-storey high rise building at KL Sentral using reinforced concrete combined shear wall/structural frame interaction for lateral load resistance and post-tensioned floor system.

Structure Division's Portfolio

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