Public Health

The Public Health Division counts a large number of local and international sewerage projects in its portfolio, which includes the National Sewerage Treatment Plants; Sewerage Treatment Plants; and sewerage networks for major municipalities and residential developments in the country; the Sewerage Development Plan; the Proposed Sewerage Master Plan for Sabah; and the Study on Viability of Sewerage Privatisation in Malaysia. Minconsult's expertise in Public Health has also led to involvement in various solid waste studies, such as the National Solid Waste Master Plan; the first fully mechanized solid waste transfer station in Malaysia (Taman Beringin Waste Transfer Station); the first thermal solid waste treatment plant in the region at Semenyih, Selangor; as well as the planning for the first large thermal treatment plant in Malaysia.

The Division has also prepared the preliminary design for the first thermal treatment plant in Beroga, Malaysia, with the aim of reducing dioxin emissions, maximising recycling of materials, reducing in-plant electricity requirements, maximising export of green electric power, enhancing safe disposal or re-utilization of inert ashes as well as ensuring that the plant is environmentally friendly.

Minconsult's portfolio in Public Health includes the Cyberjaya Sewerage Works, Sludge Management and Operational Studies for a Newsprint Mill, the Rawang Sanitary Landfill, and the Kg. Bohol/Beroga Thermal Solid Waste Treatment Plant.

Public Health Division's Portfolio
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