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Asian Development Bank

Detail Narrative Description of Project
The ADB provide technical assistance to the Afghanistan Government to prepare a road Master Plan and concurrently prepare a road network improvement project over the next 5 to 10 years. The primary goal of the project preparatory technical assistance will be preparing a Road Master Plan and conduct a feasibility study for the road projects those are accorded high priority in the road Master Plan. 
The ADB awarded the Feasibility Study component to the consortium lead by Minconsult Sdn. Bhd. to prepare investment projects for possible loan financing in 2005 for the high priority national primary road projects including east-west corridor from Heart to Kabul and two north-south corridors passing through the central mountain region.

Detail Description of Actual Services

  • Identifying the priority project roads, appropriate level of rehabilitation and developing a design standards based on traffic demand forecasting and other requirements.
  • Conducting Preliminary Engineering, Survey, Economic, Social and Environmental Assessments for alternative alignments and Designs to recommend a preferred road alignment and design standards for further study and investment
  • Determining design standards, performing detail preliminary engineering designs and estimating the project costs.
  • Conducting detail Economic, Social and Environment Assessments in accordance to the ADB Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Study Reports in a format suitable for use in further processing by ADB for possible loan financing.
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