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National Highway Authority, Pakistan

Detail Narrative Description of Project
Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) for construction of Karachi Northern Bypass entails the construction of additional two-lane carriageway including at bridges to transform the already constructed 2-lane single carriageway into a 2-lane dual carriageway.

The construction of a two lane Bypass had commenced in April 2002 and is now completed and operational. Keeping in view the importance of the Bypass and its integration with the RCD Highway and the potential traffic of the recently completed Makran Coastal Highway Section, it is envisaged that the bypass facility, which was constructed as a two-lane facility in the first stage, should be immediately converted to a controlled access dual carriageway.

The proposed Rawalpindi Bypass is a dual 2-lane highway of approximate length of 28.8 km.  The terrain is flat to rolling consisting of some wheat culvation, grazing land, brick kilns and barren land.  It traverses in a east-west direction and is located south of Rawalpindi – Islamabad connecting N5 and also Islamabad Highway near Rawat to Motorway M2 at Thalian.  Interchanges are proposed at these ends.  Two other interchanges connecting radial roads from Rawalpindi are proposed at Adiala Road and Chakri Road.


Detail Description of Actual Services

  • Preliminary engineering study of infrastructure reauirements
    - Preliminary horizontal and vertical alignment design
    - Preliminary engineering report
  • Preliminary project cost estimate
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