Back | Design Review And Construction Supervision Of Construction Supervision Package (CSP-1) Consisting Of Muslim Bagh – Qila Saifullah (N-50), Qila Saifulah – Zhob (N-50), Zhob – Mughal Kot (N-50) And Qila Saifullah – Waigum Rud (N-70) Sections Of National Highways

National Highway Authority Pakistan

Detail Narrative Description of Project
This project involves the design review and construction supervision of National Highway N50 between Muslim Bagh and Moghul Kot and National Highway 70 between Qila Saifullah and Waigun Road in the Province of Balochistan. The total length is 409Km. The project involves the upgrading of two national highways.

Detail Description of Actual Services
Design Review
Establish the schedule, methods and procedures for the review of detailed engineering design and construction drawings.

Contract administration, variation order, progress meetings, co-ordination meetings; Implement quality control system; Approve contractor's work programme, traffic management plans; Co-ordinate with head office design team and issue of working drawings; Order, monitor and record of quality control test of the works and supply of material; Processing of contractor's invoices, monthly progress claims, extension of time and certificate of completion; Supervision of earthworks, drainage works, road works, road furniture; Inspection and issue of maintenance certificate.

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