Minconsult was the first engineering consultancy firm in Malaysia to establish a Geotechnical Divisionto meet the needs of a growing nation.  Minconsult's expertise has been built through experiences on hundreds of projects requiring geotechnical and geological input. These include the design and construction supervision of foundations and earthworks for thousands of kilometres of roads, modern highways and railways, land reclamation, deep excavations support system, rock and soil slope stabilisation works, foundations for bridges, airports, power and industrial projects, commercial and residential developments, marine, civil and structural works.

Minconsult has pioneered the use of pre-stressed spun concrete piles for the construction of a major power plant in poor ground conditions, and was the first to initiate the design and construction for a major land reclamation project using pre-fabricated vertical drains with surcharge pre-loading. Minconsult has also successfully completed and accelerated the consolidation settlement of a few thousand acres of low-lying coastal swamps, abandoned mining ponds and aqua-culture farms for the development of strategic projects including port expansion, power plants, hydrocarbon tankage and bunkering facilities, and electrified double tracking project.

Minconsult has forged a niche in the forefront of rock slope mapping, stability assessment and design of slope protection works.  One major ground-breaking work started in 1990 for the stability assessment and slope protection works for a former tin mining and limestone quarry site which eventually formed the backbone for the continual development and expansion of the renowned Sunway Lagoon Theme Park at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  Minconsult has also pioneered the adoption of LIDAR technology and abseiling techniques by alpine geologist for rock slope mapping along Malaysia's major expressways.  Minconsult also leads the industry with the most number of rock slopes mapping and stability assessment studies done in Malaysia, covering a total of a few linear kilometres of highway slopes with some heights in excess of 130m. 

One of Minconsult's most significant works comes from its appointment by the Government as Consultant for the initial KL-Karak Highway where the Company designed the first and longest road tunnel in Malaysia. Measuring 900m in length and situated 610m above sea level, the tunnel was opened to the public in January, 1978.

Minconsult's other notable portfolio include deep excavations projects, such as a 6-level basement of up to 28m below ground level for St. Mary Land Redevelopment Project, and a 21.5m deep excavation for the Kuyoh Pump Station.

Geotechnical Division's Portfolio

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