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Northern Utility Resources Sdn. Bhd

Detail Narrative Description of Project
The project involves the construction of a 1200 MW Gas Fired Combined Cycle Independent Power Utility at the Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial Park (KHTP). This project represents the first independent power utility project in Malaysia with the purpose of generation, transmission and distribution of quality , uninterrupted, reliable, dedicated electricity supplies for a designated area namely the KHTP. A link will be maintained with the Tenaga Nasional Berhad's (TNB) high voltage network system in the event of emergency situations.

Detail Description of Actual Services
The pertinent issues that were assessed in the study included, amongst others, the air quality modelling and impacts associated with the use of natural gas and back-up fuel oil, vis-à-vis the determination of the stack height requirements, noise and vibration impacts during operation of power plant, and the safety and risk impacts associated with the transportation and storage of fuels and power plant operation include risk in the form of fires, explosions and toxic releases into the air and nearby industrial and residential areas, etc. The study also included the measurement of baseline environmental Management and Monitoring Programme was subsequently formulated for the project.

Project Completion

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