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Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran(JPS)/ Drainage & Irrigation Department.

Detail Narrative Description of Project
Bogak Pump House is more than twenty five year old. The pump house supplements irrigation water to the Kerian Irrigation Scheme which comprises some 23,560 ha of paddy land. The pump house which was built in 1974 has four (4) numbers of 5.1 cumecs pumps driven by 500 hp electric motor.

Detail Description of Actual Services
The upgrading works are required to replace the old pumps which are facing frequent breakdowns and spare part problems, to reduce drainage problem of low-lying areas adjacent to the Kerian River, to provide telecontrol/automation and monitoring system for the pumping operations, to optimise water resource utilization and improve water use efficiency, and to facilitate the provisions of adequate, timely and equitable water supply for intensive paddy cultivation.
Engineering Consultancy: Co-rdonation of survey work, soil and investigation, review of reports on existing water resources, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, structural, geotechnical, automation and remote monitoring system of the project. Detailed engineering design of the upgrading works. Preparation of cost estimate, tender and tender evaluation reports. Preparation of contract document.

Construction Cost
7.0 Million

Project Completion
Jan 2007

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